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T&D products&Services

As T&D, we design and manufacture 2,3 and 4 axis and customizable automation products. In addition to our hardware service, we also offer various AI software, installation and technical service & maintenance. We aims to make existing systems simpler and more applicable. Our products are suitable for use in many industries such as food, medicine,etc.

Product Features

Feature 1 Easy programming and maintenance
Feature 2 2,3 or 4-Axis Robot Arm (can be customized according to demand, can be differentiated according to operations)
Feature 3 The System that Provides Multipick Opportunity (saves area, time and money)
Feature 4 Light and Small Compact Design (It provides an advantage for businesses with narrow production areas.)
Feature 5 Wheeled Easy-Position Design (This feature provides flexible positioning and easy installation.)
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