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Superheated steam changes the common idea of mass cooking production.

Superheated steam is a colorless, transparent vapor that is produced by further heating water vapor generated by boiling water to a temperature of 100°C or higher.
The large amount of latent heat is instantly and evenly transferred to the food, resulting in fast baking and little loss of flavor and nutrient.
It also has great potential for reducing material costs and improving productivity.

Product Features

Feature 1 Delicious & Healthy.Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Foods can be cooked without uneven grilling and temperature. Also, nutrient is not wasted.Superheated steam cooks food in an ultra-low oxygen state, which prevents oxidation and keeps the food color bright and tasty even after it cools.
Feature 2 Significantly increased productivity.The average yield rate of food is over 80% when cooked with superheated steam. This will reduce material costs. Speedy heating cuts running costs. No smell transfer, so different foods can be cooked at the same time.
Feature 3 It is equipped with high performance for professionals ・50 cooking programs ・Precise temperature control ・Comfortable working space ・Easy maintenance ・Safety features
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