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Steam food stocker

Innovative steam, delicious as it is.

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Deliciousness of the freshly made

By supplying steam to the Steam Food Stocker, it can keep the fresh taste of the food.
The steam supplied is completely gaseous "steam at 100℃", therefore it can be stored food without stickiness.

Product Features

Feature 1 "Delicious as it is." The temperature and steam are appropriate for the food, and the stocker is kept at the right temperature and humidity. This keeps the Deliciousness of the freshly made. This technology is made possible by the built-in light steam generator originally developed by Naomoto corporation.
Feature 2 We can also customize our products to suit your business type and industry. We can also provide consultation on small to large volume sizes and product development according to food materials.
Feature 3 "Operation-saving." By storing food materials, serving and cooking times can be shortened. It can also save you cost by reducing manpower, increasing rotation rate, and reducing food loss.
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