FOOMA JAPAN 2023|International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition

Accelerate FOOMA

We’d like to promptly address the challenges of diversifying food scenes.
By highlighting the benefits of the newest technologies in a variety of aspects,
we hope to further accelerate your business.
In an effort to promptly address the needs of the food business
in the period of transformation,
“Accelerate FOOMA” is proclaimed as the theme of FOOMA JAPAN 2023.
Please anticipate FOOMA JAPAN accelerating business matching for exhibitors.

Organizer's Message

Yukio Okawara

The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association

Since its establishment in 1948, The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association has been contributing to the development of Japan’s food machinery industry.
The most prominent of its initiatives is FOOMA JAPAN, the world's leading food processing exhibition.
The 46th FOOMA JAPAN 2023 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for four days from June 6 (Tue.) to 9 (Fri.), 2023, with the theme of “Accelerate FOOMA.”
The environment in which the food machinery business currently operates is drastically changing, and we must solve numerous social issues and respond to diversification.
We must closely monitor food industry trends, pursue cost reduction and efficiency improvement, promote technological innovation, and open up new business opportunities in the food industry, for the stable development of food machinery industry.
The theme of the exhibition expresses the organizer’s determination to assist the commercial success by encouraging exhibitors to adapt swiftly and appropriately to the social changes, and by accelerating their solution proposals for visitors.
The exhibition will showcase cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art products and services, including technologies, automation, and labor-saving robots and AI for improved productivity and efficiency, while adhering to “food safety and security.” Additionally, we will actively promote SDGs-compliant sustainable actions.
We, the organizer of FOOMA JAPAN, will make a concerted effort to contribute to the development of the food machinery industry and the realization of a sustainable society.
We look forward to seeing you at FOOMA JAPAN 2023.

Tsuneyuki Minami

Exhibition Committee

The food industry has encountered many challenges in recent years.
FOOMA JAPAN 2022 has marked a new start to become an innovative FOOMA JAPAN brimming with the world's largest selection of solutions related to food processing under the theme of “Restart FOOMA” in order to overcome the difficulties.
With a record number of exhibitors and the number of visitors maintained at the previous level, FOOMA JAPAN 2022 was highly acclaimed as a worthwhile exhibition for everyone.
Based on the success of the previous exhibition, the theme of FOOMA JAPAN 2023 is proclaimed as “Accelerate FOOMA.”
In keeping with this theme, our mission is to accelerate business matching for exhibitors, and we are committed to assisting your business succeed.
We have determined to offer “FOOMA Collect” to all exhibitors as a measure to accelerate business matching, which enables visitors’ data to be promptly collected via smartphones and accelerates sales activities to potential customers.
We have also upgraded our programs such as FOOMA App which connects with visitors and attracts them to your booth, and a 360° Virtual Tour which enables visitors to experience your exhibition booths from remote locations.
In addition to further developing the FOOMA Award, which was launched as an innovative project in 2022, the Startup Zone will also be further accelerated to increase the opportunities for business matching.
We will make every effort to uphold our responsibility to maximize the advantages of exhibiting at FOOMA JAPAN as it evolves into the leading global comprehensive food processing exhibition.
We look forward to your application for any booth at the show.

ExhibitorsBusiness Matching

FOOMA JAPAN 2023 will accelerate business matching for exhibitors.

Every year, 100,000 visitors come to FOOMA JAPAN, a place where all kinds of solutions for food manufacturing are offered.
Alongside programs to further accelerate business matching, we offer a number of measures that directly lead to the acquisition of new customers and improvement of sales.

The overwhelming scale of FOOMA JAPAN, a place where business opportunities can be acquired

2018 - 2022 Number of visitors
  • ※FOOMA JAPAN 2020 was canceled due to the spread of COVID-19.
  • ※FOOMA JAPAN 2021 was held under a state of emergency declared for COVID-19.
Many of the visitors were companies considering purchasing

Innovative measures will be implemented as a food processing expo

FOOMA Award 2023

  • The FOOMA Award 2023 honors exceptional research and development among exhibited products
  • Award-winning products are featured in extensive media with a high PR effect.
  • The awards will also lead to sales promotion, providing an opportunity to achieve measurable outcomes.

Startup Zone is also accelerating

  • Creation of next-generation business as part of open innovation promotion.
  • Boosted visibility of the exhibition as a place to discover new solutions.
  • Opportunities for venture companies, research institutions, etc. to connect with co-creation, collaboration, and investment partners to create next-generation industries.

In addition, support programs are available to accelerate business matching for exhibitors

Tools that enable active disclosure of exhibitor information“Official Website + FOOMA App”

  • It is a comprehensive food processing website that is operated year-round, creating business matching opportunities both before and after the show.
  • By establishing a connection with visitors, it will connect you with potential customers before the show, attract them to your booth, and accelerate business matching.

Experience the exhibition booth from a remote locationExhibition Booth 360˚ Virtual Tour

  • The virtual exhibit that enables visitors to experience the real exhibition booth from a remote location using a PC or smartphone.
  • Tours that enable visitors to freely explore the booth images captured by a 360°camera.

Promote your company’s technology to potential customersExhibitor Presentation Seminar

  • A location where you can directly present your company’s latest products and solutions to potential customers.
  • Exhibitors can disclose information that is challenging to present in the exhibition booth, leading to the creation of new business. (45 minutes per session (charged))

Exhibition brochures are provided to all exhibitors for their customers

Exhibitors will receive the exhibition brochures to provide to their customers.

Exhibit Effectiveness

Exhibitors were provided the opportunity to effectively achieve their exhibition goals, enabling exhibitors to feel their exhibition was a success.

High Caliber and Volume of Visitors

Bringing in nearly 100,000 visitors in just 4 days

Approximately 30% of the visitors are decision-makers in managerial or higher positions

All companies involved in food manufacturing attend the exhibition.

Approximately 30% of visitors have the final decision-making authority on machinery and equipment purchases

Over 50% of visitors are either advisors or decision makers on machinery and equipment purchases

High Exhibitor Satisfaction

Over 90% of exhibitors engaged in business conversations with visitors during the exhibition!

Over 90% of exhibitors felt that the exhibition was beneficial.

Over 90% of exhibitors answered that visitors matched their business

A large number of business conversations between exhibitors

About the ExhibitionFOOMA JAPAN in brief

Exhibition Name FOOMA JAPAN 2023
Objective To promote the exchange and dissemination of technology and information related to food machinery, equipment, and related devices, as well as to contribute to the further development of the food industry. With the growing interest in "food safety and security," a "prosperous future pioneered by food technology" is proposed through cutting-edge food machinery technologies, products, and services.
Date June 6 (Tues.) to 9 (Fri.), 2023
Time 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (East Hall 1-8)
Theme Accelerate FOOMA
Organizer The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association
Support The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government
The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) (scheduled)
Cooperation 52 food-related industry organizations (scheduled)

[Venue] Tokyo Big Sight / East Hall 1-8 Map

2022 Exhibition Report

FOOMA JAPAN 2022 Videos

FOOMA JAPAN 2022 Visitors

*(International visitors)

Date Weather 2022
June 7 (Tue) Sunny then Cloudy 20,781
June 8 (Wed) Cloudy 22,878
June 9 (Thu) Cloudy 24,893
June 10 (Fri) Sunny 24,165
TOTAL 92,717
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