FOOMA JAPAN 2023|International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition


Start-up Zone

Scaled up to 29 companies!
Showcase innovative ideas for you!


Virtual Tour of the Exhibition in 360°

You can experience your favorite booths and products as if you were at the actual venue itself!


The 2nd FOOMA Award 2023

Industry and media are sitting up and taking notice!
Award-winning products displayed at exhibition booths


Product Videos

FOOMA JAPAN 2023 Exhibitor Product Videos are available to view now!
Please continue to use the Exhibitor Search and Product Search functions.

"I do not have time to visit the venue..."
"Tokyo Big Sight is too far..."
If that is the case for you, access the Exhibition Booth 360°Virtual Tour from your desk!

In the Exhibition Booth 360°Virtual Tour,
you can freely move the images taken by the 360°camera as if you were actually at the venue,
and experience the booths or products that interest you!

Exhibitors in the Virtual Tour

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