Exhibit Fields

Products, technologies, and services in all categories, from upstream to downstream of food manufacturing, are eligible for the exhibition.

Exhibit Fields

  • Food Materials Processing

    Mixers, Blenders, Kneading mixers, Hammer mills, Sorters, Granulators, Sifters, Sieves, Dryers, Germicidal equipment, Heat exchangers, Dewatering equipment, Kneaders, Homogenizers, Bag openers

  • Food Manufacturing, Processing, and Preparation

    • [Baked Goods and Confectionery]

      Ovens, Mixers, Burners, Molders, Depositors, Dough conditioners, Steamers, Equipment for making and packaging azuki bean-jam products, Coating equipment, Tempering equipment, Slicers, Bread-making lines

    • [Meats and Seafood]

      Slicers, Cutters, Choppers, Dicers, Tenderizers, Mixers, Molders, Sausage and ham fillers, Hamburger molders, Injectors, Stuffers, Tumblers, Fish-processing equipment, Smoking equipment, Ripening chambers

    • [Noodles and Pasta]

      Noodle-making equipment, Instant noodle manufacturing systems, Pasta-making equipment, Equipment for making dumplings, Boilers

    • [Deli and Prepared Foods]

      Ovens, Fryers, Pan fryers, Roasters, Steamers, Burners, Hot blenders, Rice cookers, Molders, Flouring equipment, Sushi makers, Rice-ball molders

    • [Beverages and Dairy Products]

      Beverage manufacturing systems, Filtering equipment, Fruit juice processing equipment, Juicers, Filling equipment, Juice-sterilizing equipment, Concentrators, Emulsifiers

    • [Agricultural Produce]

      Vegetable and fruit washers, Rice polishers, Rice rinsers, Cutters, Slicers, Root-vegetable choppers, Peelers, Corers, Sorters, Equipment for removing foreign objects

    • [Tofu]

      Tofu manufacturing systems, Soymilk manufacturing systems, Deodorizers, Fryers, Equipment for making deep-fried tofu slices, Equipment for making yuba (tofu skin), Equipment for making grilled tofu, Tofu molds, Natto processing equipment

    • [Fermented and Distilled Products]

      Distillation equipment, Compressors, Homogenizers, Emulsifiers, Fermentation tanks, Fermentation room, Equipment for making koji (malted rice)

    • [Other food]

      Egg-breaking equipment, Boiled-egg shellers, Oil filter, Oil coating equipment, Food printers, High pressure processing equipment

  • Engineering

    Plant design, Equipment engineering, HACCP control, Plant factories, RFID, Traceability systems

  • Robots, IT, IoT, and Food Tech

    Picking robots, Palletizing robots, Collaborative robots, Autonomous mobile robots, Robotic arms and hands, System controllers, IO-Link, AI, IoT/M2M, Software systems for food-processing plants, System integrations, Smart kitchen, Kitchen OS, Food loss system, Alternative food technology, Food data

  • Quality Maintenance

    Precooling equipment, Cooling and freezing equipment, Freezing equipment, Defreezing equipment, Chillers, Cold-storage equipment, Storage equipment, Ultraviolet and ozone applied equipment, Germicidal equipment, Sterilizing equipment, Air conditioning unit

  • Packaging and Filling

    Packaging equipment, Filling equipment, Counters, Scales, Binders, Sealer, Ink-jet printers, Other printers, Labelers, Packaging materials

  • Storage, Handling, and Logistics

    Containers, Conveyors, Belts, Chains, Lifts, Sorters, Conveyance systems, Hoses, Pumps, Tanks

  • Measurement, Analysis, and Inspection

    Measurement equipment, Analyzers, Inspection equipment, Detectors, Test equipment, Image processing equipment, Sensors, Foreign-object detectors, Removal equipment

  • Hygiene

    Facility cleaning equipment, Vessel-cleaning equipment, Utensil-cleaning equipment, Functional water-supply equipment, Clean rooms, Sheet shutters, Uniforms, Equipment for detecting and removing foreign material, Insect-repellent equipment, Cleansers, Hygienic materials and equipment

  • Environmental Protection, Energy Saving and Recycling

    Drainage-processing equipment and technology, Energy-efficiency systems, Processing equipment for food waste, Energy saving equipment and facility, Energy saving technology, Energy saving solution, Composting equipment and systems, Dryers, Recycling equipment, Compactors, Sludge-processing equipment and technology

  • Equipment and Components

    Boilers, Valves, Couplings, Nozzles, Tanks, Hoses, Motors, Lubricants, Additives, Hot air generating equipment, Membranes and membrane-application equipment, Filters, Flooring materials, Surveillance camera, LED illumination

  • Consulting and Intellectual Property

    Product development, Hygiene control, Food-processing facilities, Food-product indications, Quality indications, HACCP, Waste disposal, Food safety, Distribution of energy and patent information, Patent transfer, Latest patent disclosure

  • Information Services and Industry Organizations

    Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Videos, Surveys, Research, and testing, Industry organizations, National government agencies, and local governments