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With a focus on food manufacturing and processing machinery, products, technologies,
and services in all areas of the food manufacturing process,
from raw material processing to packaging and distribution,
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Metal Detectors AD-4976 Series
New Product New release in FOOMA JAPAN - Inspects for metal contamination to assure safety and compliance. - User friendly 7inch touch panel operation - Multiple frequencies for better detection sensitivity of contaminants, and less false rejection by choosing the most optimizing frequency. - Available also by only sensorhead.
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Protected from dust and water to IP66 standards. The rugged enclosure is constructed of stainless steel angled surfaces, which is ideal in sanitary reason. AND Metal Detector Measurement Environment Evaluation Tool provides stable measurement by visualizing noises around the metal detector with a frequency range set by “Auto” set in its display, and by selecting the best frequency to avoid false detection and unstable inspection. Automatically, the most suitable frequency in accordance to an inspecting product is chosen among three frequencies to maximize the detection sensitivity by just feeding the product for the minimum of three times. Auto set covers wide range of products. As the change in phase angle caused by temperature change is kept to a minimum, more stable inspection and inspection without warm-up are possible.

Theme Productivity improvement / Foreign objects measures / HACCP / Labor shortage solution

Category Measurement, Analysis, and Inspection

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Beer-Radix F3 (automatic beer canning machine)
New Product The latest model of Beer-Radix series, our automatic beer canning unit for small scale production in operation at many craft breweries and R&D labs of large brewers in Japan and abroad.
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- Increased the number of filling heads from 1 to 3 - Increased speed from 250cph to 500cph - New option “integrated semi-automatic depalletizer”

Theme Others

Category Packaging and Filling